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I hope that you enjoyed the sale and found some lovely new additions among the throng! As I'm writing this, both our New York showroom and Los Angeles store are now back to normal (until next March). Of course most items, especially “full sets”, sold out during the sale, but please remember that we liquidate our sale items ourselves, down to the last sham, so you can always ask what we have knocking around.

In this edition of the newsletter, I want to talk about body pillows.

We have been making body pillows and covers since 2013. Anki Spets, founder and designer at AREA, reasoned that so much more goes on in beds these days: work, homework, reading and watching movies. Since headboards are often hard, and sometimes people don't even have headboards, Anki felt there was a need for a large, firm pillow that could be more useful.

And so, we made the fill heavier and denser than most existing inserts and designed linen fabrics as covers that had some weight and texture to make them more durable than a sleeping pillow. Our body pillow covers come in two sizes: 20 x 60 (queen) and 20 x72 (king)

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MILES body pillow cover

MILES is a heavy gauge linen woven a gradient pattern of successive beige, cream, warm and cool grays. In addition to body pillow covers, it comes in throws and euro squares. VIENNA throws & blankets also have a matching body pillow cover.

There are a lot of uses for our body pillows, from a bolster when sitting up in bed, to an alternative to a headboard, for comfort during pregnancy, even as a floor pillow. I recently heard of using body pillows for certain restorative yoga poses… something I then tried myself (and the extra fill makes them perfect for this).

Body pillows are also wonderful for coordinating, whether you want to add colour, pattern or texture. They're an easy and inexpensive change in decor, and can be a smart way to sample living with something before you're completely sure you want to commit to a whole lot of it.

In my own bedroom, our bed is in a corner, head under windows that only open inward, one side against the wall.  For many years we went back and forth, trying to figure out a solution to the issues this caused. Our body pillows allowed us to feel the grounding security of a headboard, without the usual height, and stopped us from rolling into the wall. They also created a perfect spot for the cat to lounge with us (she needs her own space).

ELLEN body pillow cover linen

ELLEN is a dynamic weave of soft white, light grey, and dark grey in a heavy linen. 

Now that we have discontinued our heavy gauge linen EDITH, it’s time to introduce an updated version of the AREA body pillow into your bedding. 

More heavy in texture than its predecessor, ELIAS is woven with two colors into a pronounced diagonal pattern. ELIAS comes in throws, blankets, euros and body pillow covers. Colors are charcoal, cement, lilac, lime, mineral, powder, natural, and white.

ELIAS linen body pillow

ELIAS is now in stock! Shop the collection.

A body pillow really can pull together a room while providing a practical item for years of use. Do you have stories of how you use your Body Pillows, or photos you'd like to share? Get in touch.

I’m always here for any questions, concerns, or just a chat! My email is

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Please Note: We do sell queen and king body pillow inserts so that the intended density and firmness of the body pillow are correct.


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