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VoyageLA interviews Anki Spets July 27 2017

This May the VoyageLA staff interviewed textile designer, Anki Spets, about the how AREA got started in 1990 and how it's grown since. Anki provided some great insight into the joys and difficulties of starting a business.

"Being an outsider is sometimes good, I did not second guess the idea to start a textile design company and think my informal Scandinavian views paired with the clear esthetics has worked in my favor."

5 Reasons Linen is Perfect for Summer June 05 2017

Summer is nearly here and that means warm weather. Our collection of linen bedding will keep you cool. 


The weave in linen allows more airflow and won't cling to your skin.

Louie linen bedding


Moisture is absorbed and evaporates quickly. Linen can absorb 20% of its dry weight before giving a feeling of being damp or wet. You will never feel clammy.

Edith Linen Throw

Edith linen throw


Linen is an excellent heat conductor - quickly allowing heat to escape. The heat conductivity of linen is five times higher than wool and eighteen times higher than silk. 

Linen bath towels

4. 2x Stronger than Cotton

Linen is especially durable and will last. Plus, the more it is washed, the softer it becomes!

Hazel linen pillow

Hazel linen throws and decorative pillows

5. Good for you!

Linen is almost lint free, non-allergenic, non-static, naturally insect-repellent and provides UV protection.

Camille pink linen sheets

Camille linen duvet



SPRING 2017 April 11 2017

VIVIENNE mineral linen duvets & cases

VIVIENNE powder linen duvets & cases

LOUIE blue washed linen duvet, sheets & cases with our SWEA linen blanket

LOUIE natural duvet, sheets & cases with new EVAN white cotton blanket

HAZEL grey, mineral & brown linen throws in a new size (70"x90") as well as euro, body and decorative pillows

IRIS ivory brushed linen throw and blankets (available in May)

Last but not least our new EVAN white cotton blanket. Remodelista's favorite pick from our collection.

Winter Blanket Special Sale February 22 2017



WILLIAM - orange, bordeaux, green & slate grey cotton blanket
KLINE - grey cotton coverlet
CELLMA - grey & sand cotton coverlet
HARRY - silver, creme, almond, green & water cotton blanket
OLIVER - charcoal/ash & hazel/natural cotton blanket
THEO - blue & multi cotton blankets
COLIN - charcoal baby alpaca throw
JASPER - graphite & soft grey baby alpaca throw
HARVEY - neutral baby alpaca throw
ELLIOT - beige, blush, espresso, ink & mineral baby alpaca throw
LIAM - almond, bordeaux, green, graphite, magenta, navy, orange, rose & soft grey baby alpaca throws


AREA Bedding Article in Darling Magazine January 11 2017

We'd like to share with you our most recent press feature! Darling Magazine highlighted AREA in an online article about great bedding. They stressed the importance of good quality bedding and included our values of long-lasting products in terms of both durability and style. You can visit their website for the full article.


Mint Kisses December 19 2016

Fall/Winter Collection October 05 2016

NEW COLORS in our ELLIOT collection. MINERAL is a soft blue mixed with soft grey. The BLUSH is a pink mixed with a soft grey. INK is our darkest blue with graphite. ESPRESSO is dry brown with graphite. Queen, King blankets and Throws with fringes all in soft baby Alpaca.
Perfect for fall, these 17"x19.5" DEC PILLOWS are made of 100% baby Alpaca. Now in three colors: SOFT GREY, a best selling color for us as it goes with so many colors and textures. BORDEAUX, a new dark, rich and heather color at AREA. Finally COLIN charcoal, a diamond pattern in dark grey and creme.
We've expanded the color options in our washed 300TC sateen PERLA program. CELESTE is a beautiful blue with a dash of green and grey, making it a great color to match with greys, blues and browns. Available in duvets, sheets and cases.
BORDEAUX is the needed fall color to the LIAM program. 100% baby Alpaca this deep heather color is as soft as can be. Available in 51"x70" throw and 17"x19.5" dec pillow.
HUGO blanket has a new color, SOFT GREY/NATURAL BROWN. Beautiful two-sided woven Alpaca in the soft grey we have in other Alpaca items, and a natural brown shade that is slightly lighter than almond. The blanket is reversible with a knitted edge, available in Queen and King sizes.

August at AREA August 03 2016

 Warm weather does not necessarily require special sheets, although some fabrics are better than others. Satin weaves have a bit of a warmer feel so either linens or cooler percales are better suited for right now.  White linen sounds and looks like summer.

Pictured here is CLAIRE, a washed mid-weight linen made in Portugal. Wrinkles are already there making it looking and feeling casual fresh and cool. Here with JULES euro and decorative pillow in lime / silver blue with a subtle pattern. The blanket is cotton and the pattern is called THEO blue.

Striped percale, SKYLER is a woven stripe in a mix of grey colors from warm grey to cooler shades. This type of percale feels really cool, its easy to care for and the look is light and sleepy. The name came about as it felt like the horizon with the layers of  stripes, maybe over Arizona or New Mexico. Sky something...but not an altogether friendly sky... SKYLER WHITE from Albuquerque NM (Breaking Bad)!

CLAIRE again, simple white linen with MILES washed linen stripes in a body pillow and throw. This fabric is the essence of summer, the throw is versatile as it is good in the bed and on the beach over shoulders or as a picnic blanket.



NEW COLOR of ANTON the washed dyed cotton percale. STEEL a greyish blue that looks fresh even when the shade is on the darker side. Somehow it looks light and bright. Here with SALLY washed and dyed cotton blanket also in STEEL

PARKER COVERLET, softest cotton woven pattern light-weight smooth feel. Use as you would a blanket or on top of as the traditional coverlets. SLATE  a deep warm grey. VIENNA euro's and CLAIRE white washed linen.

JULES CITRUS & THEO BLUE. JULES a decorative pure linen jacquard weave, only available in EUROS and Decorative Pillow as in the picture. THEO BLUE cotton blanket added to the original THEO MULTI mixed grey colorway. Great texture soft with a knitted feel 100% cotton.

EMILE MOON, NEW color in the EMILE group yarn-dyed pure linen MOON a deep mysterious blue. This blue even though deep and dark its not drab but rather bright.

VIENNA, LINEN-COTTON JACQUARD black, white and 2 shades of grey. Nice weight and great pattern. BLANKET, THROW, EURO & DECORATIVE PILLOW. Smallish repetitive patterns to use alone or in groups. Colors not quite black & white  but along those lines for best graphic impact. On this bed is also NINA SLATE sibling of PARKER same product different pattern.

NY SPACES & C MAGAZINE March 28 2016

AREA featured in print this month.

IN NEW  YORK SPACES, lovely homes with lovely sheets. Architect and Interior Design by WEST CHIN. HEATHER COAL, HEATHER GREY & OLIVER CHARCOAL/ASH

NY SPACES, bedroom by MESSANA O'RORKE with  Duvet Cover and White Linen Sheets & Pillows.

NY SPACES, Bedroom by Architect &Interior Designers MESSANA O'RORKE. INES WHITE Duvet Cover.


event: NY NOW January 26 2016

It's that time again! We are looking forward to debuting our new Spring 2016 products at the upcoming NY NOW show, January 31 - February 3. There will be new geometric patterns in linen and cotton, as well as the re-introduction of linen/cotton fabric blends, which offer the best of both fabric worlds. If you'll be attending the show, please stop by and see us - Accent on Design, Booth #4062. 

25 years: Lucia tradition and Glögg December 10 2015

DECEMBER 13  - time for LUCIA in Sweden.
Lucia, the bearer of light, is the girl with the candles in her hair and a long white gown. The rest are her maids, and the boys have white long hats with gold stars, called Staffan's stable boys with their own dedicated song. 

Every Swede has partaken in a Lucia parade at some point, usually in school singing the traditional Lucia and Christmas songs. For the school ones there was lots of practice, mostly for the song but also where to walk and stand. At the actual event it was not uncommon for a kid to faint as it was early in the morning and you have to stand still for a long time. Do not recall any ADHD in those days...

At home early in the morning on the 13th we dress up in all white, carry candles, and serve coffee and “lussebulle” (saffron flavored buns) and ginger snaps. Lucia Celebrationphoto credit: Claudia Gründer

Anki's most memorable Lucia festival took place on horseback. Her riding academy in Stockholm organized an impressive parade of Lucia and her maids and "star boys" riding in a well-rehearsed choreographed pageant. First came Lucia on a white horse followed by 30 star boys and maids on their horses and ponies. Although it was still dark and cold at 7 a.m., with the lights and the beautiful singing, it was all quite wonderful.

Lucia illustrations
Here's a short video that explains the Lucia tradition and the celebration that continues to present day:


Another holiday tradition in Sweden is to enjoy glögg, a warm spiced wine. Perfect when there is a bit of chill outside - warm and with the smell of the spices, some candles and clementines, instantly festive. 
 All of this helps against the dark and cold winters. 
Here’s our favorite recipe for glögg. For a festive treat serve with almond and raisins in the cup and ginger snaps on the side.

Red or white wine glögg 
1 bottle of red or white wine
1/2 cup sugar
18 whole cloves
8 whole cardamon pods
1 cinnamon stick
1 piece of ginger (approx. 1 inch)
Lemon or orange peel

1. Mix wine, sugar and spices, then heat.
2. Turn off the heat when the sugar has melted.
3. Cover and leave to stand for an hour. 
4. As the alcohol burns off, add 4oz. vodka or cognac. 




25 years: AREA made a movie and more fun November 23 2015

The main thing is to always remember not to take ourselves too seriously. We make great sheets that sure, are very useful. Importantly, it has to be fun!

2006 was a big year for creativity and growth. We came out with Heather Grey and Heather Natural, undoubtably some of our best fabrics that still are so relevant and build the foundation of our line.

As a trade show invitation we made this goofy film, portraying a scale model we built to figure out what goes where in our new booth. It somehow has this old look to it, as if it were made in the '60s when we all were very optimistic about the future and design.

Then again in 2011 we had the opportunity to build little beds. AREA was asked to do the New York Times sponsored table at DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) Dining by Design event held here in NYC.

Here's an early sketch and model figurine, made of modeling clay:
DIFFA design sketch
Anki designed a table setup with 10 miniature Bruno beds with Area bedding and little clay people in the beds reading the NY Times as the table's centerpiece.
DIFFA beds & figurines
She used different Area fabrics to tile the background of the booth, linen table cloths. Chairs courtesy of ARTEK and moody flowers from Fleurs Bella in large cups.
Below you can see the completed setup. 
DIFFA booth, completed

25 years: the Speed Rail bed November 12 2015

Introduced in 1995, our Speed Rail bed was made of aluminum scaffolding pipes and fittings from the local hardware store, Metropolitan Lumber in Manhattan's Soho. Pictured  here is the Speed Rail bed in our Varick Street showroom (left) and featured in a home from Architectural Digest magazine in 2002 (right).AREA Speed Rail BedIn the early days of AREA, we had no bed so we showed the bedding on air mattresses (yikes!). Next up was a boxspring and mattress on a frame with a box headboard in birch plywood. Anki discovered from the hard-learned DIY process that furniture could be made out of this pipe/fitting system relatively simply. She went crazy with this, building tables and shelves, and the ultimate test - a bed!  It turned out really great and after a lot of adjusting, the bed as a product was born.

We made the bed to order and sold it to a few of our great retail customers. Pictured below is the Speed Rail bed in DWR's catalog (left), and on the cover of Garnet Hill's catalog (right).Speed Rail bed in DWR and Garnet Hill catalogsIn 2007 we introduced a twin bedding program and built a special twin bed with a trundle, pictured below.Twin Speed Rail bedOur furniture has changed over the years, utilizing warm, solid woods rather than the industrial pipe design, but keeping the minimalist design ethos. Today our BRUNO furniture line includes bed frames, nightstands, benches, clothing storage and tables.Area Bruno bed


25 years: Prints through the years October 29 2015

Printed fabrics were the very beginning of AREA. They have changed over time but the techniques and how Anki designs them are still the same. 

Here you can see the steps in design - in this case, linen/cotton blend table top items from 1998-99. Anki made the original print for the circles pattern below by hand printing on a small open screen with cut out paper circles placed directly on the screen. Imperfect and with the human touch, which is just how we like it. 

Print design process

BLOCKS, 1997, one of our all-time best sellers, was designed with cut out papers. The technique was simple, but the design was unusual because of the large repeat and color schemes. Here BLOCKS vanilla (center) is from Garnet Hill catalog. Below right is BLOCKS sky.

Blocks design history

Over the years we've printed on many fabrics, from cotton percale to pure linen decorative pillows, which are screen printed by our factory in Lithuania. Below left is a stack of cotton cases from 2001 featuring (top to bottom) FLOW lilac, PINS grey (still available now) and FLOW turquoise. Below right are some of our printed linen decorative pillows - STRIPS and WEAVE (currently available), from 2002. 

Area Prints part 1

Depending on the size of the repeat, our factories use screen prints or large-scale drum printing to create our printed products. We continue to incorporate prints in our collection in the present day, where they pair quite naturally with our yarn-dyed and woven solid neutrals and colors.

This week's sale item, ONEWAY grey, 2006, (pictured below, left) was made with most of the surface printed in blue-grey, leaving the white fabric to make the irregular lines going one way. Next to ONEWAY is CROSS, which had lines in an irregular cross pattern. The photo on the right includes BLOCKS sky, BULB sea and BIG pool, a nice combination of greens and blues and pattern.

Area Prints pt 2

25 years: Dia's ancestor Riga October 16 2015

Here's a little history about the bedding featured in this week's anniversary promo, DIA grey.

Riga mink bedding

We loved this diamond patterned collection when it was first introduced in 1994. The fabric was a cotton/linen blend that had the best qualities of both materials - sturdy sheen of linen with the softness of cotton.

We reincarnated the RIGA pattern with our cotton sateen DIA duvets, launched in 2014.

Dia grey bedding

25 years: AREA's first collections October 15 2015

Area's early days

OCTOBER 1990 our debut collection was first seen at the Home Textile show at the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC. The black/white pattern is called NATURE.
We got 3 customers! ABC carpet, ADHOC (best store ever, it unfortunately closed) and Stroud's, a chain from California. Not a bad start. The fabrics were screen printed in South Carolina and the cotton fabric was from Switzerland (really). The first catalogue (above left) was silk screened by hand by Anki and the AREA logo designer Bridget de Socio in New York City's East Village. The strong logo very much inspired others and got many admirers.

Anki & Martin in the early days

NATURE & PALETTE in House Beautiful, 1991.  Above, center, are Area's co-founders Martin Kace and Anki Spets, from LDB Interior Textiles magazine, 1992. Anki looks 12 and could have gotten work as an elf.
Both room images were the pictures used for packaging. The large-scale, bold abstract designs quickly garnered attention and perfectly fit the AREA idea to fill areas of the home with something great.

new: everett coal October 13 2015

There's a new fabric in town - cotton flannel! We're very excited to introduce this new collection. EVERETT coal is soft, heavy, luxurious cotton, available in sheets, duvets and cases. An old-fashioned textile meets today's standard of quality and great style. In stock now online and in stores.

Everett coal bedding

Here, Everett is paired with our new BRICK pepper quilt, coming later this fall. 

Everett coal & Brick pepper bedding

event: NY NOW August 11 2015

We are gearing up for the fall NY NOW show at the Javits Center, happening August 16-19. There are several new products to share with you - cozy dark flannel, washed sateens, woven linen and soft blankets and throws in cotton and alpaca. If you're attending the show, please stop by our booth - #4062 in Accent on Design.

event: White Linen Night - Austin, TX July 23 2015

If you're in the Austin area, please join us for the 3rd Annual 2nd Street District White Linen Night, happening Saturday August 1st. We'll be serving wine and light refreshments at the shop from 5-8 pm. Our Austin store is also holding a raffle, with a $300 gift certificate going to one lucky visitor. Enter in-store Saturday July 25th - Saturday August 1st for a chance to win. There are plenty of other activities going on in various stores and restaurants throughout the district that day, so hope you can stop by.

Area Austin - 415 West 2nd Street  Austin, TX 78701

featured: nile beige linen bedding July 07 2015

Our Nile beige linen bedding was introduced earlier this year at the Spring NY NOW show. The soft blush color and subtle reversible duvet sides make for a romantic bedding look. Pair with Taylor beige sheets and Liam almond blanket for a beautiful combo. Below, this combo is accented with the Gemma beige decorative pillow (also new for Spring). And next to the Bruno bed is the Alfred Clothing Butler with a Thomas almond throw draped across it. Nile beige is available in sheets, cases and duvet covers in stores and online.

press: anki's tips on remodelista June 26 2015

Anki Spets, owner and designer of Area, shares some tips on Remodelista today - Linen Logic: 20 Tips for Taking Care of Your Bedding, written by Margot Guralnick. We are excited to have this great post on such a nice website. Check out the article to learn helpful techniques for caring for natural fabrics.

new: kline coverlets June 12 2015

Looking for a little pattern in your life? Meet Kline, our new matelasse cotton coverlets. The grey colorway has a striking off-white, light and dark grey geometric pattern. Kline white is more subtle, but very special. These coverlets are available in twin, full/queen and king sizes, and also come in euro cases. They are available now online and in our stores.

new: sally blankets May 15 2015

Spring has definitely sprung, so if it's time for a lighter weight blanket, take a look at our new Sally blankets. They are 100% cotton in a honeycombed waffle weave. These blankets are very soft with a nice drape. Choose from four colors - classic ivory, neutral khaki, soft pink or eye-catching rose. Our new Anton sheets are dyed to match, and make for fresh combinations in either coordinating or contrasting colors. Available now in our stores or online.