linen: the eco-friendly choice April 22 2013

We have long been fans of linen.  It wears beautifully, has a natural luster, regulates temperate well and is highly durable.  But did you know linen is also an eco-friendly fabric?   Flax plants do not require irrigation like cotton. They are sustained from rainfall in the regions in which they grow (our linen is from Lithuania).  Flax is also grown with little to no pesticides and the processing of the crops does not require complicated machinery.

Our linen selection is quite vast.  Whether you like the classic french-seamed Simone collection (pictured below, also in orange, purple and berry), the casual washed linen look of Edith, Lea or April, or the striking color gradation of our Ines duvets, we are happy to offer many options.

Happy Earth Day from us to you.  We aim to lessen our environmental impact, while still producing products that we love.