percale vs. sateen cotton June 12 2013

The way cotton yarns are woven determines the look and feel achieved in the final fabric.  There are two basic types of cotton fabric - percale and sateen.

A percale is evenly woven, with one yarn over and one yarn under.  This makes for a sturdy fabric with a matte finish and a crisp feel.  Our Heather collection (shown below) are a good example of this type of cotton.  Other percales include Cleo, Pins, Thin, Lines, Parallel and Stella.

Cotton sateen sheets, like Pearl (below), feel softer than the basic weave of the percale fabric.  The sateen weave has more yarns on the top surface, resulting in a delicate fabric with a silk-like touch and lustrous finish or sheen.  Other sateen fabrics we offer are Jewel and Ray.

So which fabric is better?  It's a matter of personal taste.  Some people prefer the crispness of a percale, while others the softness of sateen.