25 years: Prints through the years October 29 2015

Printed fabrics were the very beginning of AREA. They have changed over time but the techniques and how Anki designs them are still the same. 

Here you can see the steps in design - in this case, linen/cotton blend table top items from 1998-99. Anki made the original print for the circles pattern below by hand printing on a small open screen with cut out paper circles placed directly on the screen. Imperfect and with the human touch, which is just how we like it. 

Print design process

BLOCKS, 1997, one of our all-time best sellers, was designed with cut out papers. The technique was simple, but the design was unusual because of the large repeat and color schemes. Here BLOCKS vanilla (center) is from Garnet Hill catalog. Below right is BLOCKS sky.

Blocks design history

Over the years we've printed on many fabrics, from cotton percale to pure linen decorative pillows, which are screen printed by our factory in Lithuania. Below left is a stack of cotton cases from 2001 featuring (top to bottom) FLOW lilac, PINS grey (still available now) and FLOW turquoise. Below right are some of our printed linen decorative pillows - STRIPS and WEAVE (currently available), from 2002. 

Area Prints part 1

Depending on the size of the repeat, our factories use screen prints or large-scale drum printing to create our printed products. We continue to incorporate prints in our collection in the present day, where they pair quite naturally with our yarn-dyed and woven solid neutrals and colors.

This week's sale item, ONEWAY grey, 2006, (pictured below, left) was made with most of the surface printed in blue-grey, leaving the white fabric to make the irregular lines going one way. Next to ONEWAY is CROSS, which had lines in an irregular cross pattern. The photo on the right includes BLOCKS sky, BULB sea and BIG pool, a nice combination of greens and blues and pattern.

Area Prints pt 2