25 years: AREA made a movie and more fun November 23 2015

The main thing is to always remember not to take ourselves too seriously. We make great sheets that sure, are very useful. Importantly, it has to be fun!

2006 was a big year for creativity and growth. We came out with Heather Grey and Heather Natural, undoubtably some of our best fabrics that still are so relevant and build the foundation of our line.

As a trade show invitation we made this goofy film, portraying a scale model we built to figure out what goes where in our new booth. It somehow has this old look to it, as if it were made in the '60s when we all were very optimistic about the future and design.

Then again in 2011 we had the opportunity to build little beds. AREA was asked to do the New York Times sponsored table at DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) Dining by Design event held here in NYC.

Here's an early sketch and model figurine, made of modeling clay:
DIFFA design sketch
Anki designed a table setup with 10 miniature Bruno beds with Area bedding and little clay people in the beds reading the NY Times as the table's centerpiece.
DIFFA beds & figurines
She used different Area fabrics to tile the background of the booth, linen table cloths. Chairs courtesy of ARTEK and moody flowers from Fleurs Bella in large cups.
Below you can see the completed setup. 
DIFFA booth, completed