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DUVETS in COTTON from thick or fine sateen weave through crisp percale in solid and printed patterns. LINEN in plain washed colors, unique melange weaves and woven patterns.
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375.00 USD
A 55% linen/45% cotton blend, woven into a beautiful basketweave with a visible texture and washed to achieve a soft smooth hand feel with the best properties of both fibers. Fabrics are after all just fabrics but this feels like a small revolution. Resembling an antique linen with weight similar to a pure...
475.00 USD
mineral emile
The EMILE duvet is a 100% pure linen in a sateen-like weave that results in a shinier surface, beautifully reflecting light. With a clear front and back, the fabric is woven from two contrasting thread colors for refined beauty, dimension and depth.  This program is organically suited to pairing with...
475.00 USD
Washed pure linen duvet cover in a mini-chevron weave with dual-colored yarns that give depth and integrity. A very soft, relaxed fabric. Understated colors in "grown-up" muted tones. Duvet covers have button closure. MATERIAL: 100% LinenDESIGNED in New York.MADE in Lithuania, from certified European linen.RETURN Period: 30 days (see our policy) LILAC...
180.00 USD
NEW COLORS: LILAC & MIST Washed, dyed organic cotton percale duvet. ANTON is a soft-to-the-touch, crisp, classic percale weave, dyed in small batches and pre-washed for an easy, sink-into-bed modern style. Medium weight, breathable, fresh and unstudied. A smooth, non-fussy collection of natural organic cotton bedding, cool, soothing and relaxed...
475.00 USD
mineral vivienne
The VIVIENNE duvet cover is a 100% linen ombré pattern, in a soft-toned, sateen-like, smooth-to-the-touch weave. MATERIAL: 100% LinenDESIGNED in New York.MADE in Lithuania.RETURN Period: 30 days (see our policy) About the Color and Design: Mineral is a striking light-to-dark mix of two blues blending with pale grey and taupe.
475.00 USD
Pre-washed pure linen duvet. Soft relaxed and comfortable and very good looking. Naturally, linen has texture and is thicker, stronger and more durable than most cotton duvets. Our linen is made in Lithuania. Duvet covers have hidden button closure. MATERIAL: 100% LinenDESIGNED in New York.MADE in Lithuania, from certified European flax.RETURN Period: 30 days...
250.00 USD
PERLA extra-fine cotton sateen has been dyed and washed for relaxed style and a supple, super soft feel. Soft wrinkles lend the sheets an easy, almost-vintage flair and an informal, sleepy hint of warmth. Dyed in small batches, light reflects off the matte, flat PERLA surface, yielding diffused colors & subtle sheen....
125.00 USD 325.00 USD
Loosely named for Leonardo da Vinci, our LEO duvet is a soft, silky cotton sateen jacquard. A lustrous, enigmatic abstraction that toggles between timeworn tapestry and contemporary paint splatter, Leo is a decidedly modern statement with the look of well-loved velvet. Duvet features button closure. MATERIAL: 100% CottonDESIGNED in New York.MADE in...
out of stock
The RAY duvet is a super-soft, delicately herringboned cotton surface in fine, light grey and white, RAY is a sleepily attractive, muted v-shaped weave. While herringbone often has tweedy connotations, we’ve changed it up in our lightest, most soothing cotton. Duvet has button closure. Materials: 100% Cotton Designed in New...
475.00 USD
  Pure linen duvets in attractive, gradient stripes that seem to float into each other, creating interplaying layers of tone and texture. Duvet features button closure. MATERIAL: 100% LinenDESIGNED in New York.MADE in Lithuania, from certified European flax.RETURN Period: 30 days (see our policy) About the Colors & Design: GREY is an...
180.00 USD
Short repetitive pins in soft grey on white cotton percale. An AREA classic, PINS is a printed cotton percale that is smooth, crisp and cool to sleep in. Purposefully light, loose variations in line and spacing yield a calming motif airily reminiscent of bamboo weaves. Duvet has button closure. MATERIAL:...
250.00 USD
HEATHER is an AREA classic 100% cotton percale with a smooth, soft surface and long-lasting comfort. Our trademark heathered effect comes from interweaving yarn colors before spinning them. Then the cotton is ring spun - a traditional process, harkening back to the 1800s, of tightly twisting long and short threads...
out of stock
A nod to vintage Japanese kasuri style, MAY is a tranquil duvet, dark jacquard sateen weave with a very soft, light hand. Greys and black form a hushed intricacy of complementing bands of pattern. Duvet features button closure. Materials: 100% Cotton Designed in New York. Made in Portugal. FREE Shipping,...
250.00 USD
Yarn-dyed cotton percale. Understated end-on-end (fil-à-fil) weave. In our TAYLOR sheets, every other thread is white or sandy beige, forming a closely woven, plain fil-à-fil —or, literally, ‘thread-to-thread’— weave. The two colors alternate in the fabric’s warp and weft to create a quietly heathered texture that appears nearly solid from...
475.00 USD
100% washed pure linen duvet cover, light, sleepy-looking linen in a flat, plain weave of three yarns of warm and cool greys and soft white. Beautifully understated. Duvet features button closure. MATERIAL: 100% LinenDESIGNED in New York.MADE in Lithuania, from certified European flax.RETURN Period: 30 days (see our policy) We carry duvet...
475.00 USD
LOUIE, an end-on-end (fil à fil, or thread-to-thread) pure linen weave, has a casually informal air that is both classically familiar and new. Light and dark colored threads alternate in the weaving process to create a subtle pattern that reads as a solid from afar. Fil à fil weaving is...
0.00 USD
shop JEWEL collection 2-in-1 cotton sateen in clean, pale and darker grey. Our most exclusive cotton sheet and duvet program is designed in a smooth, super-soft sateen weave, reversible with one side pale grey, with traces of soft blue, the other, classic heather grey. While sateen sheets typically have a...
140.00 USD 375.00 USD
This is an abstract jacquard pattern in variations of blues, somewhat feathery jagged lines reminiscent of traditional Ikat, going horizontally across the duvet and pillows. The soft, silky cotton sateen has a subtle lustrous finish. The color goes from almost neutral to silver and a mix of pale blues. Being a friend of...
180.00 USD
Down Alternative fiberfill. LIGHT weight if you prefer the warmth without the bulk, good for warmer temperatures.  Great for city apartments. A versatile, light, very comfortable comforter with a soft cotton shell. MEDIUM weight for a warmer duvet, or if you prefer a more full comforter. For a better fit, we recommend that...
909.00 USD
Our top-of-the-line, 650+fill power Hungarian Goose Down Luxurious Comforter. Exceptionally soft and lofty. Available in Light summer weight and Medium all-year.LIGHT if you prefer the warmth without the bulk, good for warmer temperatures, 60℉ and above.  A versatile, light, cozy, down duvet with long-lasting loft and silky soft cotton shell. MEDIUM for a...
389.00 USD
These duvets are the best in their grade, made of the finest White Down from European Geese. Available in Light summer weight and Medium all-year. LIGHT if you prefer the warmth without the bulk, good for warmer temperatures, 60℉ and above. A versatile, light, very cozy down duvet with long-lasting loft and silky...
275.00 USD
The classic, essential White Down Duvet. Available in Light summer weight and Medium all-year. LIGHT if you prefer the warmth without the bulk, good for warmer temperatures, 60℉ and above. Great for city apartments. A versatile, light, very cozy down duvet insert with a soft cotton shell. MEDIUM for a warmer duvet. Works...


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twin 68 x 86”
full/queen 86 x 86”
king 104 x 86”


twin 66 x 102”
full/queen 90 x 102”
king 108 x 102”


FITTED SHEETS (w/ 14” pocket)
twin 39 x 75”
full 54 x 75” 
queen 60 x 80”
king 76 x 80”
cal-king 72 x 84”


accommodates pillow sizes:
standard 20 x 26”
euro square 26 x 26”
king 20 x 36”
standard body 20 x 60”
king body 20 x 72”

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twin 69 x 90”
full/queen 90 x 90“
king 108 x 90”
throws 51 x 70”
xl throws 70 x 90"


Thread count (TC) refers to the number of threads per square inch.
Type and size of individual threads are just as important as the count.

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At AREA we carefully consider how each sheet should not only look but also feel. 
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