At AREA, we have prioritized our impact on the environment since 1990. 

We have continued to improve our approach without sacrificing our renown quality. We look at the lifecycle of our products, and always choose organic fabrics when we can.  Anki even designed her own eco-friendlier packaging because vinyl continues to be the standard in the bedding industry, one that AREA rejected outright years ago.

  • AREA uses only top notch natural fibers. Excellent quality means a long, comfortable life for our bedding, which is good for everyone.
  • We are constantly looking at ways to minimize the use of packaging. Unfortunately we cannot do without it as the fabrics need to be protected in transit as well as on storage shelves. A majority of our products are packed in polypropylene (pp) bags. Polypropylene is recyclable and is identified with the number "5" resin code.
  • We encourage earth-friendly care for our bedding. This means: low-impact detergent, cold water wash, no chlorine bleach, no dry cleaning (please see product labels and our care page for more information).
  • Our factories in Europe adhere to Oeko-Tex safety standards. By regulating known and suspected chemicals, these rules ensure that workers remain healthy and our products are safe (see http://www.oeko-tex.com for more information). 85% of our products are made in European factories. The remaining is alpaca from Peru.
  • Our factories in Lithuania adhere to GOTS, Oeko-Tex, ISO and SMETA standards.
  • AREA's use of pure linen or a linen-cotton blend is a great choice environmentally. Linen uses fewer chemicals in the production cycle and lasts longer as linen fibers are 2-3 times stronger than cotton.


Once, when we visited one of our linen factories in Lithuania, we were greeted with a big bouquet of linen flowers. We cherish these relationships with our suppliers, and regard them as an enormous asset and part of our extended family.

Lithuania, a Baltic coastal country not far from Anki’s native Sweden, has a renowned, centuries-old linen tradition - both in the growing of flax and in manufacturing linen products of exceptional quality. Our primary Lithuanian linen supplier was founded in 1862 and we have boundless respect for their knowledge, exquisite craftsmanship, and third-generation weavers.

Lithuanian patterns and techniques have even served as inspiration for our product design. One of the earliest products of civilization, linen does not require fancy equipment to process. And, of course, it's no small point to us that manufacturing linen products is one of the most eco-friendly textile processes.


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twin 68 x 86” 
full/queen 86 x 86” 
king 104 x 86”


twin 66 x 102” 
full/queen 90 x 102” 
king 108 x 102”

(w/ 14” pocket)

twin 39 x 75” 
full 54 x 75” 
queen 60 x 80” 
king 76 x 80” 
cal-king 72 x 84”

accommodates pillow sizes :

standard 20 x 26” 
euro square 26 x 26” 
king 20 x 36” 
standard body 20 x 60” 
king body 20 x 72”

bagstyle vs frenchback


twin 69 x 90” 
full/queen 90 x 90“ 
king 108 x 90” 
throws 51 x 70”
xl throws 70 x 90"


Thread count (TC) refers to the number of threads per square inch. The type and size of thread are just as important as the count.
At AREA we carefully consider how each sheet should not only look but also feel. LEARN MORE about thread count.