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PERLA powder sateen weave cotton

Cotton fabric woven with a smoother surface and better light reflection gives sateens a softer hand and beautiful sheen. It is visibly different front and back.

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Made of 100% certified grown organic cotton. Nice soft hand. Comes in sateens and percales.

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Cotton fabrics with woven patterns, soft “slick“ surface.

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PINS grey printed percale cotton

Printed cotton with colors & patterns. Our basic cotton percale with screen or rotary print.

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Natural fibers, long lasting, durable, great texture and softness with every wash. It is cool and absorbent (thus regarded as a summer fabric), durable, long lasting, lint free and expensive. It gets softer with every wash.

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LIAM baby alpaca

Incredibly soft, more durable than cashmere. It does not pill. Lighter and warmer than wool. We use 100% baby alpaca where "baby" refers to the finest, softest hairs rather than the age of animal.

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Since AREA has been in the bedding business for almost 30 years we would like to share what we have learned on the subject, as well as our point of view.

Thread count is a measure of how many threads are woven into one square inch of fabric. Good quality sheets start at 180 thread count, 200 and higher are considered premium. While thread count is a consideration, even more important is the quality of the cotton, the hand or feel of the fabric, the nature of the finishing, and of course the design and value.

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 The quality of cotton depends on the lengths of the individual fibers, or staples, the longer the staple, the better the cotton. Longer staples allow the cotton to be spun into a stronger, softer, more lustrous fabric, which is also less likely to pill and with finer yarns, more can be woven into each square inch. The best quality cotton results in a stronger fabric with a soft hand, which is why a 200tc sheet can feel nicer than a 400tc sheet that uses an inferior grade of cotton.

The way in which a fabric is woven also has an effect on its feel. Cotton sateen sheets feel softer than those with a basic percale weave. A sateen weave has more weft yarns on the top surface, resulting in a delicate fabric with a silk-like touch and lustrous finish. A percale, which is more evenly woven, is sturdier, has a crisper feel and matte finish.


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twin 68 x 86”
full/queen 86 x 86”
king 104 x 86”


twin 66 x 102”
full/queen 90 x 102”
king 108 x 102”


FITTED SHEETS (w/ 14” pocket)
twin 39 x 75”
full 54 x 75” 
queen 60 x 80”
king 76 x 80”
cal-king 72 x 84”


accommodates pillow sizes:
standard 20 x 26”
euro square 26 x 26”
king 20 x 36”
standard body 20 x 60”
king body 20 x 72”

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twin 69 x 90”
full/queen 90 x 90“
king 108 x 90”
throws 51 x 70”
xl throws 70 x 90"


Thread count (TC) refers to the number of threads per square inch.
Type and size of individual threads are just as important as the count.

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At AREA we carefully consider how each sheet should not only look but also feel. 
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