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  A few years ago, we posted on the theme of "bedding education" and explained our two different types of pillow cases: frenchback and bagstyle. Today, with the 2019 AREA annual sale looming, we’re revisiting this subject. Frenchback is a style of pillow case with a tucked, envelope closure. This style offers a neat and tidy look for the bed. Bagstyle has...


  This month we’ve been looking back at the origin of baby alpaca at AREA. We also shared a story about LIAM, everyone's favorite present. Wirecutter even chose LIAM as their favorite baby alpaca throw! AREA founder & designer, Anki Spets, has been designing with baby alpaca for over 15 years and it all started with the LIAM collection.  ...


love, LIAM

Feb, 08

Last year leading up to Valentine’s Day, a very agitated woman popped her head in at our Los Angeles store. She was walking up and down West 3rd Street in a panic. Weeks before, she had, as usual, ordered personalized gifts for her clients: a “loving reminder” that they take care of themselves during the busy pilot season in LA....


AREA founder and designer, Anki Spets, came across baby alpaca about 15 years ago. It was sourced from Peruvian artisans in villages where they used traditional shearing, dying and looming methods. As a fiber, it was almost unknown to the world of bedding. See baby alpaca designs on the website. The possibilities of the fiber, the sourcing, the sustainability, as well as the...


  For our new fall blanket, I wanted to continue the large scale patterns we did with NATURE and SQUARES, but in a warmer, softer fabric for the colder months. I was inspired by the simple shapes of Constructivism but with a more versatile palette to play with our new PERLA colors, stone and plant. I had in mind something...


  ‘Cozy’ is as much a feeling as it is an aesthetic. When the temperature drops, we seek comfort and warmth indoors. Being cozy is about feeling comfortable, warm, and relaxed. When something is cozy, it looks and feels soft and warm. How we feel about our home is connected to how we feel when we’re inside of it. A...


    This season we are introducing two new colors of PERLA, our softest cotton sateen sheet series. PERLA is now available in seven colors, five of which are named after colors found in nature. The name of each color tells us its origin. The name PERLA itself comes from pearl. It is actually a new generation of an old...


This time I wanted to design something bold but versatile that could transition in and out of the bedroom. The new coverlets, SQUARES and NATURE, are soft enough to sleep with, but also sturdy enough to be used as sofa covers, on a table, or brought to the park and beach. They are large scale prints.  The coverlet itself is a soft lightweight cotton...



May, 17

This season we’re introducing three new linen lines, each woven in a distinct way. I thought it would be nice to break down the differences between them beyond just the colors. The way that a fabric is woven not only affects visual patterns, but can drastically alter the way it feels and drapes. The first is the updated SIMONE, a...


Recently, there has been a lot of debate about whether or not to use a top sheet. Statistically, more people these days are choosing to forego a top sheet than ever before. For those opting out, the reasons include: comfort and convenience top sheets get bunched up at the bottom of the bed, they are an extra hassle they might make...



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Thread count (TC) refers to the number of threads per square inch.
Type and size of individual threads are just as important as the count.

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At AREA we carefully consider how each sheet should not only look but also feel. 
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