NEW COLOR of ANTON the washed dyed cotton percale. STEEL a greyish blue that looks fresh even when the shade is on the darker side. Somehow it looks light and bright. Here with SALLY washed and dyed cotton blanket also in STEEL

PARKER COVERLET, softest cotton woven pattern light-weight smooth feel. Use as you would a blanket or on top of as the traditional coverlets. SLATE  a deep warm grey. VIENNA euro's and CLAIRE white washed linen.

JULES CITRUS & THEO BLUE. JULES a decorative pure linen jacquard weave, only available in EUROS and Decorative Pillow as in the picture. THEO BLUE cotton blanket added to the original THEO MULTI mixed grey colorway. Great texture soft with a knitted feel 100% cotton.

EMILE MOON, NEW color in the EMILE group yarn-dyed pure linen MOON a deep mysterious blue. This blue even though deep and dark its not drab but rather bright.

VIENNA, LINEN-COTTON JACQUARD black, white and 2 shades of grey. Nice weight and great pattern. BLANKET, THROW, EURO & DECORATIVE PILLOW. Smallish repetitive patterns to use alone or in groups. Colors not quite black & white  but along those lines for best graphic impact. On this bed is also NINA SLATE sibling of PARKER same product different pattern.