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Occasionally, we're tapped by websites and publications to give our two-cents on what we know best: bed linens. Here are a few articles we'd like to share with you (some scrolling required). As an AREA customer, you probably know all of this.


Clever: Make Your Bed With the Best Duvet Covers

By Audrey Lee and Kristi Kellogg

On ELI duvet...

The first thing I noticed when the cover arrived was how weighty it was: not too stiff or overly heavy, but definitely thicker than I’m used to. That said, the linen-and-cotton blend is a winning combination in my book. Though I love the look and breathability of linen, I’m not always a fan of its rigid texture. Thankfully, that’s not a problem with Area’s cotton-linen hybrid, which really does supply a cozy, cotton-y softness, and wrinkles a lot less than my 100% linen bedsheets. If I could add just one more thing, it would be some sort of internal corner ties or snaps to properly secure it to my duvet insert.


InsideHook: The Best Sheet Sets for Every Type of Sleeper

by Jack Byram

Voted Best Percale Sheets: ANTON

On weave and thread count...

“While material is important, the weave used will also determine a lot about a set of sheets. Spets tells us that cotton percale is “lightweight and breathable, which makes it cool to the touch and therefore more comfortable” while sateens “tend to feel softer, but the weaving technique makes the surfaces a bit warmer and clings to the body.” If you are looking for something more warm for the winter months, Spets says that flannel is a good choice because it is made from “brushed cotton, making them warm and cozy”.


Real Simple: The 6 Best Down Alternative Comforters of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

By Rachel Center and Quinn Gawronski

“The most common down alternative fill is polyester, which comes in different qualities and styles. The polyester is lightweight and lofty, which makes for a warmer and lighter comforter,” says Spets. “Other alternatives to down fills are natural fibers such as cotton wadding, wool, and silk. Most recently there is a trend towards 'wood' cellulose fibers (manufactured and made from cellulose), such as bamboo and eucalyptus.”


Better Homes & Gardens: We Tested 34 Sateen Sheets—These Are the 8 Best Sateen Sheets of 2023

by Brandi Fuller

“The beauty of the sateen weave is in the weaving technique,” says Anki Spets, founder of Area Home. “It requires finer yarns and takes longer to weave; the result is a clear front, and back side that is considerably softer.”


liam almond on rack

The 13 Best Quilts of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

by Theresa Holland

"According to Spets, the best quilt for year-round use is "one that is not too heavy in weight." You want it to be cozy enough to keep you warm in the winter but not so heavy that it traps heat in the summer. A lighter-weight design may be ideal, as you can use it as an additional layer to your regular bedspread during the chilly months and potentially on its own when the weather heats up."


Real Simple: The 5 Best Down Comforters of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

By Quinn Gawronski

For expert insight on how to select a down comforter, we spoke with Anki Spets, founder of Area, a Scandinavian-inspired home accessory and bedding company.
“I am definitely for down-filled [comforters] for [their] quality,” says Spets, who adds that down is typically “lighter and bouncier” than alternatives. “The great thing with a good quality down comforter is that it is light like a cloud, not at all heavy in weight,” she adds.


liams at the table

Wirecutter: The Best Throw Blankets

By Jackie Reeve

If you’re looking for a throw that’s more refined than our other picks , we like Area Home’s Liam Throw. It’s made of baby alpaca wool, which feels soft and downy (similar to cashmere). But the Liam throw’s texture is much silkier, finer, and more delicate than that of any of our other throws. It’s whisper-thin and drapes like a shawl, but it’s as warm as many thicker wool throws we’ve tried. We love that you can see the subtle weave pattern in the fabric and feel the texture through the soft fuzz of the blanket. It comes in more than a dozen colors and two sizes (we tested the smaller one). Anki Spets (whom I interviewed for our guide to bed blankets) is the owner and designer of the Scandinavian-inspired Area Home boutique in New York City, and she’s been selling the Liam throw for years. It looks and feels like a luxury throw from an artisan boutique, and it’s priced to match—it’s our most expensive pick. We think it’s worth it if you want a beautifully designed, high-end home accent.


Mercedes Benz: AREA Bedding and Accessories

by Ali Clark

One of the brands we love for quality sheets and home goods is AREA. Based in New York, AREA was founded in 1990 by Swedish-born Anki Spets, who had a vision of bringing the Scandinavian tradition of good design to objects meant to be used every day. 


PERLA plant sheets

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Without Going Crazy

By Kelly Dawson and Yelena Moroz Alpert

Learn how to fold a fitted sheet the easy way (even if it’s king-size!) with a simple step-by-step tutorial from Anki Spets, a bedding expert and founder of Area, the New York City–based home goods company. Don’t be surprised if you’ll be showing off this skill like you’re Marie Kondo on laundry day. 


INSIDER: What is a duvet cover?

by Kelly Burch

Anki Spets, founder of the bedding brand Area, personally recommends a duvet set instead of a comforter. "Duvets have become an everyday thing," Spets says. "The comforter has lost some popularity."


Spruce: 4 Reasons Experts Say They Are Never Giving Up Their Top Sheets

by Marisa Donnelly

“For chillier seasons, a top sheet combined with a blanket under a duvet offers more options for layering, kicking-off, or draping yourself in, to achieve that perfect sleeping temperature,” says Anki Spets, a New York-based small business owner and founder of AREA Home.


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