design process - EIGHT & PLAY pillow covers

EIGHT linen decorative pillow ink process

Color and pattern are the fun part of my work.  With these two new designs, I wanted to create new color combinations in bolder patterns.

First, I usually goof around a bit until I get a good feel for what I like to do. 



Using ink and brush is a very satisfying and calming process. You might have seen that sometimes I do cutouts with the scalpel, and could have done that here, but to get a softer, wobblier line I used the brush. I had already puzzled out colors so that I knew what type of colors and how to mix them.

Work loose, always be open to what might be, it regularly happens that a great idea doesn't look good at all. Then, in a corner somewhere you see something you had not planned for.


EIGHT linen decorative pillow ink design process

I see you, nose et al, you're just too strong...

EIGHT decorative pillow repeat I repeated, and pasted it together 4 times, a bit crooked of course.

alternative colors for EIGHT

Here's an alternative color combination that didn't make the final cut.

EIGHT linen decorative pillow swatches color inspiration

Colors are usually the number one motivator for me to make patterns, even though patterns themselves are always good in black & white.

EIGHT linen decorative pillow finished product

The result is EIGHT, looking pretty good.

EIGHT is a screen printed 100% linen decorative pillow that comes in a big and beautiful 18 x 40. The pattern is infinity 8 pattern looking sort of retro 60s style. Colors are soft grey,  dark green, lilac and burnt orange.

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As a Swede, I grew up with Marimekko, and in design school we had to copy the master William Morris in gouache to learn from the best and understand firsthand the rhythm of repeat. Then, of course, our heaviest influence is Josef Frank and how good he was. Making patterns is always the quest to do something that is as good as his work.


PLAY linen euro ink design process

This was done with pencil first, mixing various forms to see what sticks. 

PLAY final with no color and color

Final versions before color & with color mock up.

Patterns are just a way to divide your surface into portions and a way to apply color. Often I end up having to redo some central part that doesn't hold up. I cut that part out and insert something new until it works. It's pretty structured unless you start going into figurative stuff that I am less into. 


PLAY linen euro square swatches for color inspiration

PLAY colors

PLAY linen euro square final product

The result is PLAY it may have ended up a bit Pucci, though that's totally unintended. I think the outline is what does that. I don't have rules and don't follow any consistent guidelines, I just have to like the end result.

PLAY is a screen printed 100% linen euro square pillow case.  The pattern looks like the name sounds. The forms are nonfigurative spilling out in a happy, playful Scandinavian tradition. Colors are powder, white, spice, grey, dark blue & lime.

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I look forward to seeing EIGHT and PLAY in my home, and of course, I hope you'll enjoy it in yours.



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