how to use WHITE like an interior designer

"Can I see it in white?" Absolutely.

White remains the most requested neutral by interior designers. It’s also a staple in so many of our customer households. The popularity of white in design isn't new, but what changes from decade to decade is where, how, and how much white is used in a space. Here are a few ways you can use the absence of color in your home. 

White bedding is a timeless choice.

No need to confuse 'timeless' with boring. White bedding is always in style no matter what style is trending. It works in a minimalist interior or a plush traditional bedroom. White textiles are versatile.

ELI white linen cotton blend basketweave sheets with black lamp and chair


The latest addition to our AREA white sheeting is ELI, a 55% linen/45% cotton blend basket weave that comes in sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases. Black and greys contrast forms the non color graphic timelessness. 


White dominant color schemes.

White, creme, beige a warmer no color beauty. You can keep an all-white bedroom classic, modern and clean, or add in brighter touches, but all white makes just about any combination possible. Here, a little depth is added with taupe in the rug and curtains, and an ingenious custom-made body pillow.


Amy Kalikow design white room with AREA bedding

Image courtesy of Amy Kalikow Design, East Hampton, New York. Sheeting is ANTON white, with LEO jacquard weave fabric used for a custom body pillow.  Photography by Regan Wood.


White rooms for art and color pop lovers.

Art galleries are painted white to ensure that the work remains the central focus of the room. White is also used to create a neutral background to allow more elements to coexist. In the room above, white is used to float artwork creating a spareness that works with the playful use of texture and color on the bed, while also making sure the vivid golden velvet chairs become artworks in their own right.

Image courtesy of MK Workshop, Soho, New York City. AREA bedding includes INES grey linen duvet cover and LIAM poppy throw in baby alpaca.



White keeps patterns calm.

White reflects light and black absorbs it. Using white as the base color in a room or as your basic sheeting highlights contrast and allows you to mix and match patterns while still maintaining a serene and cohesive feel. 

The patterns and colors here are refined and calm while perfectly complementing each other. 

Form + Field how to use white with THEO blanket by AREA home bedding

Image courtesy of Form + Field, Los Altos Hills, California. Bed features THEO multi blanket and PERLA porcelain sheeting. Photography by R. Brad Knipstein



White leaves room for personality.

Use of white sheets will give your collections room to breathe. Treasured art, mixed textures and pops of flora don't compete in this comfortable bedroom. The one grey wall picking up the carpet as well as the blanket.

Photo courtesy of Becky Shea Design, Charles Street, Boston. Photography by Sean Litchfield. AREA bedding includes PERLA white



White brightens an otherwise dark area.

White sends light bouncing around, reflecting back onto other surfaces. A simple white palette in the above room creates a sense of space and turns the attention to the beautiful built-in desk/headboard that blends continuously into the light wood of the floor.  It also creates a nice contrast with the black metal of the adjacent mezzanine and plays up the texture of the brick wall.

Image courtesy of Jenn Chang in an article by Dwell, Soho, New York City. Bedding features OLIVER blanket with HEATHER grey sheeting.



White creates the illusion of space.

As New Yorkers we understand that everyone has one room they wish were just a bit larger. By employing white walls and light colored bedding, rooms feel airy and expansive.

Photo courtesy of HK Associates, Ventana, Arizona. Photography by Ema Peter.  Bed features PERLA white sheets. 



How will you use white in your home this season? For tips and insight into the design process at AREA, read more blog posts.


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