the great TOP sheet debate

Recently, there has been a lot of debate about whether or not to use a top sheet.

Statistically, more people these days are choosing to forego a top sheet than ever before. For those opting out, the reasons include:

  • comfort and convenience
  • top sheets get bunched up at the bottom of the bed, they are an extra hassle
  • they might make the bed too warm
  • they are one more thing to buy and coordinate.

      But those on the other side of the debate argue that skipping the top sheet is unhygienic. Duvets themselves can be difficult to wash and for this reason, they might rarely be washed.

      But what this side of the debate overlooks is, of course, the duvet cover. 

      The duvet cover completely resolves this dispute because it allows you to skip the top sheet without sacrificing the comfort of a clean bed.


      BED made with fitted & duvet + cover only.


      To clarify, a duvet and comforter serve the same purpose but are slightly different. They are both thick, quilted blankets that go on top of the bed, but a duvet has a removable cover that can easily be washed. Ironically, although Americans are more concerned with conversations around hygiene, they use comforters more than Europeans. Duvet covers are often made out of the same material as top sheets and, contrary to popular belief, are very easy to take on and off once you get the hang of it. In fact, putting on a clean duvet cover probably takes less time than putting a fitted sheet on a king size bed!

      Here is a video of me putting a cover on a duvet. As you can see, I get it done in under two minutes! All takes is a little organization and patience.



      We do not use top sheets in Sweden (few people in Northern Europe do) and we are considered quite clean, so this debate is funny to me. When I started Area in 1990, I sold only duvet covers. After numerous requests from my American customers, I began to design sheets using the same materials as my duvet covers. 


      BED made with fitted, top (flat), blanket & duvet + cover .


      Those who attempt to shame people who don’t like top sheets are using a very weak and, honestly, irrelevant argument.

      Whether or not you feel best without a top sheet on your bed is absolutely up to you. Your preferences also might change depending on the season, much like your clothes.

      Many people like to use just a duvet in the winter and then switch to a top sheet and blanket in the warmer summer months. As long as you are taking care of your bedding by washing it regularly (see my recent blog post caring for your LINENS) you should feel free to do whatever makes you happiest in your own bed.


      Top sheet & blanket only

      BED made with sheets & blanket only.


      To those who want to chime in on the debate, I say: save your hygiene worry for something more important. You can be both happy and healthy.

      Learn about the benefits of separate duvet covers in blog post a duvet of your own.


      As a bonus, check out how easy it is to put on a duvet cover when you have a helper:




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