August at AREA August 03 2016

 Warm weather does not necessarily require special sheets, although some fabrics are better than others. Satin weaves have a bit of a warmer feel so either linens or cooler percales are better suited for right now.  White linen sounds and looks like summer.

Pictured here is CLAIRE, a washed mid-weight linen made in Portugal. Wrinkles are already there making it looking and feeling casual fresh and cool. Here with JULES euro and decorative pillow in lime / silver blue with a subtle pattern. The blanket is cotton and the pattern is called THEO blue.

Striped percale, SKYLER is a woven stripe in a mix of grey colors from warm grey to cooler shades. This type of percale feels really cool, its easy to care for and the look is light and sleepy. The name came about as it felt like the horizon with the layers of  stripes, maybe over Arizona or New Mexico. Sky something...but not an altogether friendly sky... SKYLER WHITE from Albuquerque NM (Breaking Bad)!

CLAIRE again, simple white linen with MILES washed linen stripes in a body pillow and throw. This fabric is the essence of summer, the throw is versatile as it is good in the bed and on the beach over shoulders or as a picnic blanket.